Teaser Trailer for Annecy

Our Annecy Teaser Trailer hits 10,000+ views!!!

We’re excited that the 26 sec trailer for our new animated series has hit 10,000+ views in just over a week on youtube. The trailer was just a taster for a series that we are taking to Annecy in June with the aim of finding a home for the Bloomeez. It’s an exciting time in the Bloomeez world and we’ll update you on our progress over the 3 days that we’re there.

Good luck to everyone going to Annecy!


Hi There, I’m Rosie,

Gloria the Girlybug has told me to introduce myself, so, here goes. (deep breath). I live in the Bloomeez garden with my pet Hunnybug Pip, he makes me laugh so much, once I nearly choked on some blackberries (which I was supposed to be picking not eating, so don’t tell Gloria!)

Anyway, what I must tell you, is that I love all things to do with nature.  It feels magical to look through turquoise water to the bottom of the sea and to see busy bees pollinating flowers. Did you know, silk really does come from a worm ?!

Bloomeez adventures are the BEST. I get butterflies in my tummy just thinking about where we might go next …..



You Hoo, I’m up here, just sitting on a branch swinging my legs, getting a bird’s eye view of the Bloomeez garden. Gloria worries that I’m going to fall or forget that I don’t have wings when I’m this high but as if!

I would like to have wings though, imagine swooping around, zooming through the garden and landing gracefully on the ground, my knees would appreciate that. Gloria always shakes her bee hive at the state of my grass stained clothes and scuffed knees. She can tut all she wants, she’s got wings, lucky thing.

Ooh I can see the rainbow shimmering over the top of Wilf, a new adventure here we come!

Last one there’s a nincompoop!



Salut !

I heard a whisper that Bloomeez are going to be in France. This is really big news because I know for a fact that they have the best cakes in the world and I AM A BIG FAN! (Of Cake).

I like other things besides sweet stuff I also love purple, WooWoo is my pet Hunnybug and he’s PURPLE. Once, on a Bloomeez adventure we saw a purple peacock, he was beautiful, I couldn’t stop looking at the eyes in the feathers they were so purple and made me a bit dizzy.

I like rhymes and riddles and poems, I remember this one off by heart, cos I thought of it this morning.

I love blossom on the trees
And stars that twinkle
But most of all
I love purple sprinkles

À bientôt


Woo Hoo, hey there peeps, I’m Summer and I’m bursting to tell you everything about me, my friend Sol and the fantastic place we live in!

We have lots of friends here in the Bloomeez Garden and everyday something new happens. We travel to some amazing places and meet all kinds of people and creatures. We’ve got so many stories to tell, one of my favorites is when we went to a carnival in Brazil, it was so much fun, my feet were still dancing when I got into my flower bed that night! Loads more to tell you, I’ll be back soon……


Hi there, it’s been a really busy day in the garden today so I thought I’d take a rest and tell you a bit about myself…..

I’m Lilyanna and everyone says I’m the garden’s daydreamer. My favourite game is playing “what’s in a cloud”. Just this morning I woke up with Porridge my pet Hunnybug and we looked up into the sky, straight away I could definitely see a unicorn rearing up on its hind legs floating out of the wispy clouds, Porridge said all he could see was a doughnut, I think he’s the doughnut, no imagination, ((sigh)) mmmmm, I do love doughnuts though! Well I’m feeling a bit sleepy now (yawn) so I think I’ll just have a little snuggle in my flower bud and zzzzzzzzzzzzz


 We are currently working on an exciting story time app with the Bloomeez.

Our new TV series is in production and we’re looking for distributors, sales agents and the like to talk turkey or Bloomeez with at least.

The series is aimed at preschoolers, each 7 min episode will take you on a grand adventure. Watch as the Bloomeez travel to fun new places, meet new friends and learn all about the natural world.