Bloomeez is an animated TV series with 7 minute episodes for preschoolers.

The Bloomeez Garden is the starting point to a “Grand Adventure”…..  In a flower bed are 5 bulging buds.  At sunrise they open and reveal the characters Rosie, Tulipa, Summer, Lilyanna & Peony.  Each Bloomeez is like the flower bud they sleep in, both in appearance & nature.  Together they travel on their rainbow to new and interesting places where they learn about the real world in a fun & original way.

Bloomeez equals Fun-ducation!

Fun in learning has always been our main objective.  The quirkiness of the characters such as Wilf the ancient and wise wisteria tree and the garden’s housekeeper Gloria the girlybug adds to the fun & adventure of the stories.  There is also the opportunity to introduce children to broader themes in nature and geography.  Using animation mixed with real footage Bloomeez will take you on a mystery journey where viewers young and old can discover new and interesting fun facts about our world.

Each episode begins in the Bloomeez magical garden, where Gloria the girlybug helps get the Bloomeez ready for each grand adventure. There’s always time for a wise word from Wilf as they climb aboard the rainbow and are whisked off to a new destination. Here they meet locals like Chow the Elephant at The Victoria Falls or Chimalli the Llama at Machu Picchu who help them to discover something unique about each place. There’s always a little mischief with the Bloomeez, which often leads to trouble, but together with a new friend they find a way to solve it and return to the Bloomeez garden for tea.

Over the series the audience will learn about the wonders of the world as Bloomeez explore some incredible natural phenomena. They show respect for local cultures and learn the value of teamwork and friendship.

Bloomeez is a new production from co-creators Michelle Smith and Ali Kilmartin, produced by Russell Taylor in cutout style animation, imaginative characters, luscious art-work, an original soundtrack and more than a few sparkles make it a magical journey for children aged 2-4 years old.

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